Movie Review: Evil Will Show Its Bloody Face This March In “The Lullaby”

“I think horror lovers will enjoy this film. The gore is definitely prevalent while suspense, action, and drama are also there.”


Returning to her hometown, Eden Rock, and overwhelmed by the birth of her firstborn, Chloe tries to come to terms with motherhood but with the incessant crying of her baby, a growing sense of guilt and paranoia sends Chloe into a dark depression. With a heightened urge to protect her son, Chloe sees danger in every situation.

Childbirth can be a beautiful experience as mothers feel their children’s first embrace. However, childbirth can also be very painful. The experience can leave many mothers scared. Parents may also feel a diminished spirit after a traumatizing birth. Paranoia can make anyone feel crazy as the lines between reality and illusion begin to blur and even something as innocent as a “Lullaby” can feel like a cut through your soul.

“The Lullaby” follows the life of a mother, Chloe (Reine Swart), after giving birth to her first child. The birth is painful and bloody. The mother and child both survive the grueling experience, but the mother is left weakened. Chloe is left feeling broken and diminished after the birth. She feels guilt from the painful experience and becomes paranoid after her depression sets in. This leads to her hearing voices and this is where the film forms.

“The Lullaby” is a horror film filled with pain and gore is a constant theme throughout while pain affects all the characters. Chloe is deeply affected by the voices she hears and endures endlessly trauma throughout the movie. The pain she experiences drives her crazy as the story gets closer to its bloody finale. She must fight off the spirits and demons in her life to ensure her survival and the survival of her child. Chloe will fight because giving up isn’t an option as pain conquers her life.

I thought this film was good. It’s a horror movie so the blood and evil were expected. It’s very dark and gets creepy at times. The drama is constant and served up with a fresh batch of gore. The horror is real as the demons begin to reveal their faces to Chloe and that is when I felt the voices she was hearing became real. Only then do we see Chloe truly regain control of her life.

I think horror lovers will enjoy this film. The gore is definitely prevalent while suspense, action, and drama are also there. Reine Swart, Deànré Reiners, Thandi Puren, Brandon Auret, and Dorothy-Ann Gould star in this Darrell Roodt film.

In theaters across the U.S and available on VOD March 2nd


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