The Young Cast Of Saban’s “Power Rangers” Talk About Making Their First Big-Screen Adventure Together

Saban's “Power Rangers”

Earlier this week, I had the distinct opportunity of participating in a brief roundtable discussion with the five young actors who star in the upcoming “Power Rangers” movie. From the moment they entered the room, there was an air of professionalism that surrounded each one and continued to reign over them as each spoke about their involvement with the film, their relationship with one another and the director, as well as the positive messages they hoped to deliver to youth throughout the world. Dean Israelite, the South African director, who grew up watching the “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers,” stated that he purposely chose this group of diverse young stars who embodied the same characteristics as their characters.

In speaking with them individually and collectively as a group, I totally agree that the sum of their talents as actors and business professionals, are purposefully reflected in their abilities to transform the world through their own actions and through that of the “Power Rangers” that are local heroes who come together to save their beloved Angel Grove, which is the small town where they live. Listen in as Dacre Montgomery (Red Ranger), Naomi Scott (Pink Ranger), R. J. Cycler (Blue Ranger), Becky G. (Yellow Ranger), and Ludi Lin (Black Ranger) discuss their bond and how each see’s his own role in changing the world, one positive action at a time and how they really feel about being suited up in the “Power Rangers”’s costumes. The film opens in theaters March 24th.


Tracee Bond

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