Win A COMET TV “Teen Wolf” & “Freaky Feast” Prize Pack

“Teen Wolf” & “Freaky Feast” Prize Pack

November is here and what better time to think about friends, family, and feasts? This month COMET TV is dishing out all kinds of supernatural goodness!

The Friday Night Movies feature “Cowboys vs Dinosaurs” and “Vampires.” Who knew Cowboys could kick the undead’s butt as well as prehistoric reptiles? Then we have the Jeff Bridges classic “Starman” and head into “Deep Space.”

There are also classics like “Teen Wolf,” “Mystery Science Theater 3000” and each week on COMET TV there’s a different theme! Vampires! Ghosts! Werewolves! Oh My!

On Thanksgiving Day, COMET TV has The Freaky Feast Movie Marathon featuring “Superbeast,” “The Incredible Melting Man,” “Howling II: Your Sister is a Werewolf,” “The Video Dead,” “The Beast Within,” and “Creature.” Tune in for perfect pass-the-cranberry-sauce scenery.

And we want to give you the opportunity to have a Freaky Feast of your own all month long! The COMET TV November Freaky Feast Pack is perfect for a Horror-iffic gathering!

The Comet TV November “Teen Wolf” & “Freaky Feast” Prize Pack includes:

  • 1 Limited Edition “Teen Wolf” T-shirt: Get ready to Howl! This shirt sports the classic “Teen Wolf” logo on the front and is perfect for letting your inner freak fly. Whether you’re playing basketball or just letting your beard grow in, we got you covered! Literally, I mean… It’s a shirt. Hello!
  • 2 Limited Edition COMET TV Condiment Bottles: How can you have a feast without the accouterments? These condiment bottles are just the thing for adding that secret sauce at any Freaky Feast!
  • 8 COMET TV Table Place cards: Haven’t you always wanted to tell your friends, “You’re a beast!” Now you have a chance, in a nice subtle way. These place cards are perfect for that elegant classy touch at your next Freaky Feast. Featuring aliens, robots, and more!
  • 1 COMET TV Collectable Card: You’ll get one of four collectible COMET TV cards featuring “Teen Wolf,” “Once Bitten,” and more.
  • BUT… You can’t have a feast without candy! You’ll also get an assortment of gummy brains, hearts, livers as well as some candy blood bags and even a wax fang or two!

Unlimited entries before November 30th. Enter below and good luck!

Unlimited entries for more chances to win
Open to US Residents Ages 18+
Winners will be notified by e-mail
Closing Date is November 30th
No Purchase Necessary

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