“The Elevator Project” Gives Art Exposure To The Masses

“A total of eight incredible shows will be performed providing several genres which are unique, innovating, and diverse.”

The non-profit AT&T Performing Arts Center is pleased to announce the 2017/2018ELEVATOR PROJECT season, featuring the work of small and emerging arts groups performing on the Center’s campus in the Dallas Arts District.

What better person to introduce the 2017/2018 collaboration between AT&T and the Dallas Office of Cultural Affairs than David Denson, the current AT&T Performing Arts Director and the original creator of the Elevator Project in 2014. In Friday’s unveiling of the projects, Announcer Chris Heinbow opened up by stating that this season was the first competitive one and the biggest season yet with forty-one projects. In providing a brief history, Moderator David Denson announced that he initially was tasked with finding a way to make the best use of space that wasn’t purposed during the season. In doing so, he also found a way to give exposure to those artists whose works were lesser known. After making contact with several resources, he realized that there was an overwhelming need for the artists to have a pathway to success through the opportunity to perform within the open spaces.

The panel of artists and companies whose works were chosen to be a part of the project consisted of a diverse group of creative individuals who each introduced their pieces of work and gave a synopsis of its concept and/or history. In a moderated discussion, David allowed each of the artists to speak with the audience and explain how their works came to fruition. The projects included works by American Baroque Opera Company, Dark Circles Contemporary Dance, Jake Nice, Bandan Koro African Drum & Dance Ensemble, Adam Adolfo, Soul Rep, Therefore Art & Performance Group, and Cry Havoc Theater Company.

Inasmuch as the works themselves will be a great contribution to the DFW arts community, an even greater attribute of The Elevator Project is the $25 general admission price for all tickets as well as a $5 prepaid admission price for parking. A total of eight incredible shows will be performed providing several genres which are unique, innovating, and diverse. Three performances will be staged in Hamon Hall, four in Studio Theatre and one will be performed on the donor reflecting pool in Sammons Park. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity that exposes Art to the masses and is a win/win for the entire community of Artists and Patrons.

Tracee Bond

Tracee is a movie critic and interviewer who was born in Long Beach and raised in San Diego, California. As a Human Resource Professional and former Radio Personality, Tracee has parlayed her interviewing skills, interest in media, and crossover appeal into a love for the Arts and a passion for understanding the human condition through oral and written expression. She has been writing for as long as she can remember and considers it a privilege to be complimented for the only skill she has been truly able to master without formal training!
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