Moviebill Brings Augmented Reality To Cinema For Brands & Adds Two Key Executives To Lead The Effort

Moviebill Adds Former NCM Executive Ian Owen-Ward As EVP Of Brand Partnerships, Former Trigger Executive Patrick Aluise As SVP Of Digital Content

Concourse Media principals Matthew Shreder and James Andrew Felts announced today the appointment of Ian Owen-Ward as EVP of Brand Partnerships and Patrick Aluise, SVP of Digital Content at Moviebill.

Ward, a former SVP of National CineMedia Inc., will drive revenue for the multi-media platform and coordinate with the creative team on providing unique augmented reality experiences for brands.

“Ian knows what resonates with brands, specifically within the theater industry,” said Felts. “We are excited to see Ian bring this new platform to brands, presenting an entirely new way to appeal to moviegoers.”

Prior to Moviebill, Ian was Senior Vice President of Digital and National CineMedia for over seven years. At NCM Ian headed up all digital initiatives. He helped create a mobile network, video network, and successfully launched Cinema Accelerator, a data-driven network which identified and reached moviegoers programmatically, to connect the dots from the big screen to their personal screens, across the platform. Leading to a rise in divisional revenues by 50% in 2016.

“Moviebill has a unique platform with a guaranteed audience that mixes print, digital and augmented reality that will reach consumers in a very impactful way,” said Ward.

Alongside their partnership with Regal Entertainment Group, Moviebill will offer a combination of cinema-related mobile, digital, and augmented reality experiences to its brand clients.

Patrick Aluise, formerly of Trigger Global and Blippar will manage all digital activations across Moviebill’s entire client base.

“No one understands how to harness the power of AR for brands quite like Patrick,” said Shreder. “We look forward to seeing how he leads his creativity to make brands shine within Moviebill.”

Patrick Aluise has worked with some of the world’s top brands and media companies including Time, Viacom, Disney, Google, Nestle, L’Oreal, Coke, Nike and Nissan for whom he and his teams created multiple Augmented Reality and interactive mobile experiences. Prior to joining Moviebill, Patrick was Head of Business Development for Trigger, The Mixed Reality Agency. Before Trigger, Patrick Aluise served as Vice President, Head of Media and Entertainment for Blippar, a leading augmented reality platform specializing in turning any physical item into an instant interactive AR experience for consumers. Prior to Blippar, Patrick was VP, Business Development for mobile interactive agency, Nellymoser where he helped create and deliver the first ever AR experiences as well as over 500 other interactive mobile campaigns for media outlets, entertainment companies, and brand advertisers.

“The Moviebill platform uses AR in a way that is entirely unique, offing brands a new way to inform and entertain moviegoers,” Said Aluise.

With a seven-figure circulation commitment per edition, Moviebill will be distributed nationwide across all major DMAs and instantly become one of the largest physical entertainment media outlets at launch. Referred to as “Connected Print” by the outlet, Moviebill is a mix of old-school physical and high-tech digital.

Moviebill boasts a 70-30 ratio of content to advertising, making it premium inventory and allows brands to target media buys to a higher degree. The outlet also boosts value by providing the ability to cross-promote and enhance brands’ overall cinema footprint.

Brands can learn even more about what their consumers want and how to retarget consumers in the cinema space. By delivering a new platform with exclusive content for first-window moviegoers, Moviebill is building a richer data profile of entertainment consumers. Moviebill can track the habits, engagements and overall loyalty of consumers. Moviebill can also track which content moviegoers scan, stars they follow, ads they engage with, and much more.

Moviebill will help with the creative process for brands AR capabilities within the platform. A full suite of data management and engagement analytics tools will support the platform to enhance content and deliver actionable results for partners.

Moviebill creates an entirely new revenue stream for the exhibition business. Since it’s inception, the circuits have been confined to reaching their consumers inside the walls of the cinema. Moviebill is built to drive engagement outside of the cinema, which in many ways is revolutionary for the space.

Created by Felts and Shreder, Moviebill is a multi-faceted augmented reality platform driven by the hand-to-hand distribution of its flagship product, a 28-page premium-quality handbill. Each issue of Moviebill is tailor-made and will promote one of the most highly anticipated blockbuster movies of the year. The editions will be hand delivered directly to each moviegoer at the Regal box-office or ticket entryway. Editions will be free for ticket holders of the featured movie and will only be available at the cinema starting on the opening weekend of each movie’s wide release.

To accompany each edition, readers will access never-before-seen augmented reality activations and exclusive digital content. A custom visual recognition scanner, built directly into the Regal Cinemas App, will bring the content to life and create a multi-faceted, seamless online and offline experience. Moviebill will be available on all 7 + million of Regal Cinemas App user’s devices at launch, making it the largest entertainment-focused augmented reality platform to date.

Moviebill will provide exclusive behind the scenes features, deleted scenes, actor and filmmaker commentary and other special features for the largest and most anticipated movies each year. As a media outlet, Moviebill offers access to fans acting as a direct line of communication between the biggest stars, the most influential directors, and the most creative minds behind the movies we love most. The inaugural edition will be announced later this year.

James McDonald

Originally from Dublin, Ireland, James is a Movie Critic and Celebrity Interviewer with over 30 years of experience in the film industry as an Award-Winning Filmmaker.

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