Movie Review: Forgetting The Past Creates A Deadly Recipe In “Memoir Of A Murderer”

“Filled with drama and intrigue, ‘Memoir of a Murderer’ is unapologetic and suspenseful.”


A former serial killer with Alzheimer’s fights to protect his daughter from her psychotic boyfriend.

The connection between mental illness and violence has proven to be of similar roots. Action and violence also spring roots from the same branch. Neither is to not be taken seriously but to be deeply evaluated. That evaluation is what takes place in “Memoir of a Murderer.” This film not only touches on both topics but also further elaborates. That elaboration propels “Memoir of a Murderer” into becoming a captivating film.

“Memoir of a Murderer” is based on the best-selling novel of the same name by Kim Young-ha. This film follows the story of Byeong-soo, played by Sol Kyung-gu, as he lives a daily life while struggling with Alzheimer’s disease. The disease causes Byeong-soo to forget many things about his life. The biggest thing forgotten is him being a serial killer. The movie masterfully develops after Byeong-soo discovers he is not the only serial killer in town leading him to protect his daughter Kim Eun-hee, played by Kim Seol-hyun, from her murderous boyfriend.

Filled with drama and intrigue, “Memoir of a Murderer” is unapologetic and suspenseful. Byeong-soo is a father dealing with Alzheimer’s disease, but also a killer. The way his story unfolds is informative and not persuasive. His origin leads him along a clear path to his untimely demise. That story is clear and concise in explaining the inner makings of a killer and what drives that person to seek death.

“Memoir of a Murderer” is shot with a modern look. Every scene of this film plays a part in transitioning the storyline. Each character has a role that they play and their purpose is clear from their arrival. Mental health is a difficult subject to address and it was perfectly addressed here. People dealing with mental health issues are capable of doing lots of things, but should their actions ultimately be held against them is the bigger question.

Overall, I thought this movie was great. I liked the way the characters were explained and their personalities ultimately manifested. I felt the acting was good and went well with the storyline. I also liked the way the language barrier didn’t affect the film. It flows smoothly from the beginning to the end credits. “Memoir of a Murderer” is a must-see examination of a serial killer’s mind.

Available exclusively on Digital HD December 19th


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