Movie Review: Christopher Nolan’s Filmmaking Greatness Continues With “Dunkirk”

“'Dunkirk' is edge-of-your-seat filmmaking that's fully realized in IMAX. Please do see it in IMAX like I did!”


Allied soldiers from Belgium, the British Empire, and France are surrounded by the German army and evacuated during a fierce battle in World War II.

Well, Christopher Nolan has done it again, adding another engaging piece of art to his already awesome library of work.

From literally the opening scene, you’re engulfed immediately into the action and the film never looks back from there.

The pacing of the movie, honestly had me thinking it was arguably the best pacing of a film I had seen, if not damn well close to it. There’s almost never a lull, barely giving you time to catch your breath. All this while managing to basically capture most phobias you could think of, fear of heights, drowning, tight spaces, abandonment, you name it.

While there wasn’t much dialogue in the film, there was, however, the perfect amount of it for THIS film in particular. Nolan makes the decision to avoid your typical way of explanation and to give us a “Dunkirk” that focuses on the personal experiences of the war by land, sea, and air. He does a fantastic job of showcasing the three different scenarios of the Dunkirk evacuation while making them merge together seamlessly throughout the film.

“Dunkirk” is edge-of-your-seat filmmaking that’s fully realized in IMAX. Please do see it in IMAX like I did!

I was genuinely taken aback with how great a job they did in not letting any one actor truly stand above the rest, they were all truly magnificent in their respective roles.

“Dunkirk” is another brilliant collaboration between Nolan & Hans Zimmer, not quite “The Dark Knight” level for me, but right on par with “Inception,” a must-watch.

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