Irish Movie “Drifter” Eyeing Late 2018 Release


The team behind indie feature film “Drifter” are crowd-funding to bring this moving, thought-provoking story to the big screen. Writer Justin John Carroll has held a long-term interest in both writing/film and wrote his first feature film Drifter after being inspired following his recovery from his own battles with alcoholism through his twenties and early thirties.

Justin drafted the screenplay, before bringing co-writer Darryl Neville on board with the two of them continuing to evolve the script over a number of years. They are filming over three different periods, with the first third already compete and edited, with the second shoot occurring early January 2018. They expect to have production and post complete by the end of 2018.

Justin, who is producing the film, will play the role of Wilson Bander while Darryl directs and plays the role of Chris Bond. The two other lead roles are performed by Maya Lindh (playing Emily) and Sarah Tapes Jenkinson (playing Jackie Bander). They have a strong supporting cast in place and have a highly skilled crew, with the whole team being extremely passionate about both the production and the social messages it highlights.

The story follows Wilson, an ex-boxer, who is attempting to recover from various addictions, mental health challenges and keep his marriage alive, while close friend Chris, an ex-marine is a huge support but is also internally battling his own inner demons and feeling of true value.

As the story unfolds, the characters must find acceptance of themselves, strive to overcome their weaknesses and fears, and tread the path to truly fulfilling lives by fighting to make long-lasting change. This uplifting film is the story of real human triumph over mental health issues, an area many are afraid to tackle. Justin and Darryl Neville have all locations for the film which will be based in the County of Wexford.

Justin, now also several years into training to be a counsellor himself, hopes the film will speak out to other young men and women who may be battling with similar issues and that in publicising this very real problem will bring hope and light to many through the medium of film, while also challenging the stigma and fear that can surround mental health issues.

A trailer with a fitting, beautifully composed and performed music track by Sean Harrison Simpson at Three Key Audio can be viewed on the Indiegogo page or on YouTube, as can an interview with Justin John Carroll (links below).

To support or contribute to the film, please visit For Drifter – An Indie Feature Film crowd-funding page on Indiegogo



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