‘Good Trouble: Building A Successful Life And Business With Asperger’s’ By Joe Biel Coming March 15

'Good Trouble: Building A Successful Life And Business With Asperger's'

Once upon a time, in Cleveland in the 1990s, a teenager named Joe Biel started going to punk shows and began dreaming about applying the same do-it-yourself, community values of the punk scene around him, to other pursuits in life. He applied all his passion, his intellect, his difference, his weirdness, his prodigal math skills and floundering social skills to build what would become Microcosm Publishing, and a movement along with it.

Twenty years later, “Good Trouble” is his story and the story of Microcosm. “Good Trouble” is a tale of screwing up, trying again, and always finding a way to do it better. It’s about developing a toolkit for turning your difficulties into superpowers, building the world that you envision, and inspiring others to do the same. This is the story of how, over 20 years, one person turned a litany of continuing mistakes and seemingly wrong turns into a happy, fulfilled life and a thriving publishing business that defies all odds.

The book has a foreword by Sander Hicks, founder of Soft Skull Press, and an introduction by Joyce Brabner, co-author (with Harvey Pekar) of Our Cancer Year.

Pre-order: http://microcosmpublishing.com/catalog/books/5764/




ISBN 978-1-62106-009-3

In Bookstores March 15th


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