FYI Premieres New Series “Outback Nation” & “Arranged”


“Outback Nation” – Series Premiere on Monday, April 13th at 10pm ET on FYI

Overgrown gardens, decaying decks, unkempt pools and more prevent families from enjoying their own backyards. In each episode of “Outback Nation,” a new family will enlist landscape design expert, Jamie Durie, to help reinvent their outdoor space and turn it into the backyard paradise they have always dreamed of. Before tackling the transformation with Jamie, each family will immerse themselves in their own “private wilderness,” camping out in their backyard and experiencing the terrain firsthand. From design mishaps to wild animal encounters, the families will be presented with many challenges on the journey to complete their backyard renovation.

outback nation

“Arranged” – Series Premiere on Tuesday, April 14th at 10:15pm at on FYI

In “Arranged,” three couples from different cultural backgrounds have one thing in common – the belief in arranged marriages. From a young Romani gypsy couple in New York City, to a southern couple from the Bible belt, to a couple raised by traditional Eastern Indian parents living in Los Angeles – these brides and grooms don’t just marry each other, their unions include their entire family. Viewers will see each couple’s relationship from the lead-up to their weddings, to the several months after the reality of married life sinks in.


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