Fox Brings The World’s Coolest Festival Restrooms To Celebrate The Home Entertainment Release Of “Why Him?”

“Why Him?”

In celebration of the home entertainment release of the outrageous comedy “Why Him?,” starring Bryan Cranston and James Franco, Fox made Austin just a little bit weirder on March 16th by bringing the world’s most over-the-top festival restrooms to revelers at the Pitchfork Day Party at the French Legation Museum. The pop-up continues on March 17th from noon to 6pm.

The “Why Him?” Luxurious Lavatories trailer, inspired by a hilarious scene in the movie where Cranston’s character discovers the joys of smart toilet technology, offers festival-goers lavish amenities typically unheard of in a portable restroom, including:

  • Bidet with selections for a soft rear spray, rear cleanse or front cleanse (with the option of an oscillating stream)
  • Three bidet water temperature settings and five water pressure settings
  • Pre-mist function that sprays the bowl with water before and after each use
  • Heated seat with three temperature settings
  • Air deodorizer and a warm air dryer
  • Air conditioning
  • Fully functional vanity sink
  • For the full “smart home” experience, an automated assistant offers guests a special greeting…with attitude!

In addition to “going” in style, brave guests are invited to insert an arm into a customized mobile tattoo station to get a surprise temporary “tat” featuring one of six hilarious, yet bawdy, phrases from the movie.




“Why Him?” is now available on Digital HD and on Blu-ray and DVD March 28th


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