DVD Review: “Grow House” Is Strictly About The Cultivation Of Green Relationships

“While the film was hilarious at times, there were more teachable moments about loyalty and determination that carried the film, in spite of the odds.”


Two stoners who are overwhelmed with debt decide to break into the medical marijuana business. However, they need to learn how to grow it since they’re already experts at smoking it.

If you’re not into weed, then this film may not appeal to you because it is about weed, weed and more weed. Two guys come up with an idea to market medical marijuana and neither one has done anything more than smoke it. Darius (Lil Duval) is a rapper with a crazy girlfriend (Raquel Lee) and Pat (DeRay Davis) is his friend who is a relative of Snoop Dogg and thinks he knows how to run a business. The problem is neither one knows anything about the product, running the business or how to promote it. What they do know is, if they get the right people to become a part of their operation, they can be successful. Once they get Snoop to put up ten grand to set the wheels in motion, they are determined to prove to everyone that they can accomplish something.

What makes this film interesting is the actors with the supporting roles (Martin Starr, Lin Shaye, Faizon Love, Zulay Henao) carry the weight of the film. Darius’ girlfriend (Raquel Lee) makes it possible for the guys to have access to the grow house by pretending to do some work on the empty house that will take just enough time to produce a legitimate crop of marijuana. As they go about making plans and collecting supplies, they also develop a staff of workers who want a cut of the deal and are not shy about working a plan that will be beneficial to everyone. They soon pick up who has been referred by their main supplier of goods. His weird nature is both instrumental and detrimental to their success. His need to smoke weed daily creates odd behavior and continuous sleeping habits which give him just enough leeway to keep the guys just one step away from being discovered at any given moment while at the same time rescuing them from their predictable circumstances.

In spite of every obstacle that they face, Darius and Pat seem to overcome the odds of running a successful grow house with every fire they put out, literally and figuratively. When their nosey neighbors threaten to expose them and Darius’ girlfriend drops him for not telling her about the grow house, the stakes get higher and Darius agrees to give up the “D” to neighbor Madison in return for her silence and Pat cuts a deal with and her new boyfriend to pay them with product. At the end of the day, Darius and Pat have achieved their goal of running a successful grow house but are almost left empty-handed after spreading the joy with everyone involved.

While the film was hilarious at times, there were more teachable moments about loyalty and determination that carried the film, in spite of the odds. Thumbs up to Director and Writer DJ Pooh for celebrating the building of diverse relationships that seemed to work in spite of the odd scenarios with which they were created. For the cultivation of odd relationships, the film is definitely worth taking a look at, while the need for weed is still subject to smoke-filled scrutiny.

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Tracee Bond

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