Cine-Transformer Review: “All Eyez On Me Experience” Is A Wonderful, Media-Savvy Production That Is Positively Tupac

“(The 'All Eyez On Me Experience') is a tech-savvy masterpiece theater that opens many possibilities of exposure to the legacy of the late Tupac Shakur.”

Befitting a beloved, “larger than life” artist like Shakur, the “All Eyez on Me Experience” Cine-Transformer is an impressive 53-foot, double expandable, state-of-the-art mobile cinema that will literally go directly to fans, offering them a special experience as it travels through various cities, from coast to coast. A movie theater on wheels, the Cine-Transformer houses 91 seats, full projection and space inside for guests to enjoy a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the making of the movie. Outside, the vehicle features an outdoor video monitor and a creative space for fans to grab a selfie and share their experience on social media.

The “All Eyez On Me Experience” Cine-Transformer, which rolled into Victory Park at American Airlines in Dallas, Texas this past week, is a tech-savvy masterpiece theater that opens many possibilities of exposure to the legacy of the late Tupac Shakur. With scenery from every aspect of the rapper’s life, the rolling tour tells a story that is positive and enlightening. Producer Benny Boom has organized lots of footage which has been put together to form a lasting impression that makes the 11-year wait for the movie which premieres on June 16th, a patiently awaited time capsule. The date is vital to the fans because it is Tupac’s birthday and aligns with the wish of those who can celebrate his life in unity by learning more about it one amazing production at a time. Listen in as Media Specialist Anthony Rose gives us an uplifting synopsis on what true fans have to look forward to on every stop of the tour and the movie as well.

Tracee Bond

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