Blu-ray Review: Bonds Are Formed On The Battlefield In “Brotherhood Of Blades II”

“‘Brotherhood of Blades II’ feels real. It feels like a war we’re fighting today or will be in the near future.”


An imperial guard searches for the truth behind a conspiracy that framed him and his partners. The proof of his innocence lies with a wanted woman named Bei Zhai… but will she reveal what she knows? In this intense prequel to “Brotherhood of Blades,” the only thing he can truly trust is his sword.

Friendship and loyalty are two of life’s highest priced treasures. Loyalty is rare, but friendship can be bought. The reason both are highly priced is that the two together make a shining combination that can’t be dimmed. The glow is marvelous. The texture is solid and it can’t be cut through and stands the test of time, maybe even lasting for eternity.

“Brotherhood of Blades II” showcases a test of bonds, friendship, and loyalty. The second installment of the series is adequately titled “The Infernal War.” Wars can be long and drawn out at times, seemingly never coming to an end, but instead constantly restarting. Wars can be grimy, dark, and unforgiving, hellish in a way. Quiet and demonic in demeanor as the list of casualties grows longer than the list of intended participants.

This film follows a bond formed on the battlefield. A friendship birthed by near defeat and a connection instigated by the looming thought of death. Shen Lian and Lu Wenzhao connect under treacherous conditions. The image of a battlefield covered with hundreds of dead bodies will be stuck in your head. War is damaging and traumatic to the mental captivity, disabling your ability to be compassionate or empathetic towards a sympathetic situation.

“Brotherhood of Blades II” feels real. It feels like a war we’re fighting today or will be in the near future. History repeats itself, right? The world is a better place without war, but also there’s no world without war. You must fight for what you believe in and stand firm in your belief of what’s truly right. The war is created from that decision-making process and forever will be. Life is better without war, but also nothing without its existence.

I enjoyed the film. War films are good and usually always have some type of historical value. There are always things that can be learned from war films. It doesn’t matter if it’s a lesson about strength and endurance or a lesson about rights and wrongs, messages can always be learned and interpreted. Life is love and love is war. War is life in its simplest form.

Available on Blu-ray & DVD Tuesday, February 13th from WEll Go USA


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